MAD Lab is meant to be the hands-on twin of the MAD Salon. It is an idea factory, a laboratory - that promotes experiments and exploratory projects at the intersection of the arts, architecture, design, technology and contemporary culture.

The Lab draws its inspiration from a quote by American author and physician Oliver Wendell Holmes that ‘the mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.’


MAD Lab brings together people who dream with open eyes, share an undying enthusiasm for unconventional ideas, are averse to man-made boundaries and have a passion for exploration.

The Lab is run as a not-for-greed (NFG) collective that comprises creative planet-wide free agents who conceive, collaborate, curate and co-pilot MAD Lab endeavors.

The Lab covers a wide range of interests including, but not limited to: performance art, visual art, sound design, architecture, product design, transportation, environment design and urban planning.

CAAS: City As A Spaceship LAB